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Biceps Workouts – Weight Training Exercises For Big Arms

Posted on 21 December 2010 by mondev

This video is from’s weight training workouts video series. The video provides different exercises to target specific muscle groups so you can gain lean muscle mass and increase strength levels.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video is from’s weight training workouts video series. The video provides different exercises to target specific muscle groups so you can gain lean muscle mass and increase strength levels.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. John22Trina Says:

    would these 3 exercises alone be enough for your bicep workout? sorry im new to this just need sum advice

  2. Klintololi Says:


  3. LetsWindTheYanksUp Says:

    I do 3 sets of 15 reps doing using the dumbells is that to little or too less???

    Any one know get back to me. would be a great help.

  4. 05shocker Says:

    u need to do cardio … go run and lose those calories … i suggest running outsside not the treadmill good luck

  5. ddraven24 Says:

    diet, diet, diet… the cleaner the foods you eat the more lean you will be even when you are bulking up. But you also want to make sure you’re getting enough food to maintain the muscle that you have. Be careful with the cardio…you can burn muscle with high intensity cardio.

  6. youtuba555 Says:

    CARDIO AND DIET!!!! hats the only way to lose alot of fat still do your weight training and shit or whatever you do just eat a healthy cutting diet and do lots of cardio

  7. MarineJo1994 Says:

    Ey im 14, and i’m 6 foot 2 . I weigh 227, only 180 is not fat. I only bench 140. I need to a quick way to lose fat around my stomach. I did situps and it is now muscle under the fat. any tips or suggetsions let me know.

  8. OakenDust Says:

    Not necessarily, but it’s usually a sign of good workout, just do clean reps and concentrate on the muscle you’re training, slow negatives and clean reps. You should feel sore in the muscle if you do it right, but it isnt a necessarity

  9. corleone1820 Says:

    one question i’ve been dying to know is do you need to feel sore in the muscle for it to grow??

  10. Dustin389 Says:

    nice triceps

  11. oldskoolozzy Says:

    LOL you’re 15?

  12. canvargun Says:

    for the last one i think that machine works your right side more than the other and maybe couses asymmetry using a bar in that position might be better

  13. killapound Says:

    well thats genetics nothing u can do about it like me when i was 14 i was benchin 175 now that im 15 i do 200 but i never used musle milk or any other products of that sort to help enhance musle growth i curl 65 i can do 200 push ups and thats about it

  14. hunterroden Says:

    eat everything you can and workout more

  15. Vicbling91 Says:

    cool video
    cool routine.
    this guy has big arms

  16. b00mz911 Says:

    keep at it man, im 15 and i bench about 170lbs and ive only been weight training for around 3 months – do mass building exercises and make sure youre using the right form

  17. vilvo46 Says:

    uhh eat alot more food dude, especiially ones rich in protein, other than that just lift weights a shit ton, haha i’m 14, i weigh 166 and i’m 5’10 and i can bench 220

  18. vilvo46 Says:

    no, but you should get enough in youre diet, it will make you alot bigger, but i’m not big on whey protein or anything, just eat protein rich foods, also your muscles will deplete if you dont lift weights over an extended period of time

  19. darkeryche Says:

    gonna have to do more than 100 pounds to get bigger

  20. guy4pink Says:

    noone starts good or strong …

  21. welterweight13 Says:

    lift heavier…eat more….run less…and after workouts take the protein…

  22. Rasengan854 Says:

    lol, he didn’t mean reps, GTADRZ, routines are groups of different sets of exercises. An exercising routine usually includes the max weight someone can lift, bench, etc. and doing as many reps they can do with it ( usually 3-5 ) so for AllAmericanGuy01 to do 5 exercise routines is considered amazing. So next time, please don’t call someone weak just like that.

  23. 3jvh Says:

    Push ups are one of the best exercises u can do to get started

  24. 666briggs Says:

    bench press also works the tricep

  25. bennywils12 Says:

    i recommend eating a lot of chicken, lots of protein in chicken. it’s seemed to help me. keeping active with activities like mountain biking, jogging, snowboarding, helps keep your metabolisim up. i’m hungry almost every 2 or 3 hours but with high metabolisim, your muscles soak up those nutrients while being able to burn calories easier.

  26. doktorfritte Says:

    The shoulder press is the best exercise for building shoulder strength. The shoulder joint is in its most stabilized position and the range of motion is the greatest of all pressing exercises. When performed standing it also engages all the muscles involved in mid line stabilization. Strength>mass. Rippetoe and Starting Strength. Search and read.

  27. bonelessBob Says:

    the human body itself is mostly water

  28. mamimooz Says:

    you should do some bent over lateral raises too, cuz that trains youre rear delts

  29. AnthonyHarder Says:

    very well xplained, thanks dude

  30. CommodoreDixon Says:

    side laterals work on your traps and shoulders? or just shoulders

  31. transtiojoao Says:

    are you sure? cause i think its harder doing at sitting position

  32. vitaliykim Says:

    It really depends on what you want to do. I like sitting by isolating the shoulder muscles.

  33. ultimatumjs Says:

    depends, as the guy below said, it does engage lots of stabilisers iof you stand, but if you sit it tends to isolate the deltoid muscle more.

  34. cripstyl3r Says:

    man ur a champion i always wondered y my laterals lacked intensity ur form was flawless cheers

  35. Rosewater71 Says:

    Good workout

  36. neo3187 Says:

    basically d combination of creatine and protein in d diet is d real deal… all the other stuff these days in the market are just GOOD way of fooling people… m nt saying they dont work, but they are not at all necessary

  37. MexMan510 Says:

    should i be doing bicep tricep and shoulders in the same day?

  38. flybikes43217 Says:

    can you do this with a bar ?

  39. phillybeez Says:

    how man reps should I do

  40. pollojuanpa1 Says:

    sitting, standng u can get a lesion at your low back

  41. cajetoso1000 Says:

    how much time will it take to get cut arms like yours

  42. buffbeno Says:

    i see so many ppl swing like mugs

  43. IgWannA2 Says:

    i like upright rows for shoulders, do you not recommend them for some reason?

  44. 4wang2chung0 Says:

    hey weird question, everyone.
    how come protein shakes only come in like chocolate,vanilla,and cookies and cream flavors?
    ive seen creatine thats like, fruit punch,berry blast,pineapple, all kins of good tasting drinks, but i hate the nasty chocolate protein shakes.

  45. rbt809 Says:

    damn man u got some big ass arm omgg lolz
    and great vid i started doing that workout

  46. davidsamuelhoude Says:

    Sitting because you are more stabilize

  47. nelbox81 Says:

    simple and effective. that’s good

  48. bilal301499 Says:

    this guy is a V Gud trainer.. Explain v Clearly.. I love his Videos.. :) Thnx Mate..

  49. pikeythedrumfreak Says:

    can anyone tell me…

    my current workout is all arm groups monday, chest and back wednesday and abs and legs friday. is it okay to mix it up? for example training shoulders, biceps and back monday and triceps and chest wednesday? does this still build the same as long as you work the muscle once a week? thanks

  50. hash1212 Says:

    use lighter weight when standing as you dont want to pull a back muscle if your strainin at your last rep

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