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How to Eat Healthy

Posted on 21 December 2010 by mondev – – – If you do a Google search for ‘weight loss tips,’ you’ll find my post on the subject as the first result. One caller the other night asked me to expand on that, and give him an idea of some types of foods I usually eat. When I’m maintaining my weight, I tend to stick to about 2000 calories a day. I wouldn’t say I’m a fanatic by any means. Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice for me, one that I am proud of and enjoy. http
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  6. MisterTissueBox Says:

    @NeilJillett1996 That’s why I use a coconut oil based toothpaste.

  7. NeilJillett1996 Says:

    I think Chris should work out and get buff. :P I mean like upper body shoulders and arms, he’d look soo different. :P

  8. NeilJillett1996 Says:

    @MisterTissueBox And yet fluoride is in nearly 100% of toothpastes unless u specifically buy one that dosent contain it. :D

  9. h2jazz5 Says:

    Next he’s going to give gardening advices lol

  10. omcasa21 Says:

    @BUSKETS666 lmao now he’s 2nd though

  11. planetskuzz Says:

    you talk alot.

  12. cavagrottimickey Says:

    Fucken iPad autocorrect

  13. cavagrottimickey Says:


  14. cavagrottimickey Says:

    Your skinny as he’ll

  15. TokyoNerd Says:

    You could have had a V8…

  16. MisterTissueBox Says:

    @Cherootoe Hehe. Drink as pure water as you can, but make sure you still have minerals in it.

    I have a water filter that keeps all the minerals, but removes all the nasty chemicals including fluoride and chlorine.

  17. Cherootoe Says:

    @MisterTissueBox Filtering water is good unless it is lovely Scottish soft water but not everyone has that luxury, I cannot understand how people can drink water that is chalky. (or full of fluorides and chlorides as you mentioned.)

  18. Cherootoe Says:

    @vmxcom He is a man of much knowledge… apparently.

  19. Zaharkl Says:

    @vmxcom well you have to understand that these people will be looking for money. they will want to perscribe you stuff or tell you things that are expenceive. but chris wouldnt do that coz there is nothing in it for him

  20. steven3x Says:

    Although I have been drifting away from watching Chris’s videos of late, I don’t think there was anything he said that I disagreed with in this video… and the final few seconds were brilliant and dramatically underscored the point!

  21. proent Says:

    you’re #2 result in google now

  22. SirSleezy Says:

    eating healthy my ass

  23. MisterTissueBox Says:

    Well Chris, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised that you know some good things about health.

    Let me add something here. WATER- drink it. Drink it till your urine isn’t yellow. Many times when you are feeling hungry, you’re actually needing water. That is a natural appetite suppressant. And make sure you get good quality water. I recommend getting a water filter to take out the sodium fluoride and chlorine. Those are NOT good for you, in any amount.

  24. MisterTissueBox Says:

    When you consume cooked oils, you’re eating something very similar to trans-fats. This is because most oils when cooked become very unstable and oxidize, causing free-radical damage, etc. This includes canola oil, sunflower/safflower oil, olive oil (though not as bad as polyunsaturated oils like canola), etc. The ONLY real healthy oils to cooked with is virgin coconut oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil.

  25. digitchaser Says:

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