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How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy

Posted on 21 December 2010 by mondev

This tells how I lost over 100 pounds, hope you can make some use of it
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Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Dynamic and more videos in the Weight Loss category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Slim down — once and for all — with these scientifically proven weight loss strategies. To complete this How-To you will need: Discipline Calorie counts Portion control Water Exercise Step 1: Eat only when you’re hungry Eat only when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full. Over time, this can retrain your brain to eat out of hunger, not habit — a key to permanent weight loss. Studies show that much of our eating is done on autopilot. Tip: Eat slowly: It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register fullness. Step 2: Avoid addictive foods Avoid sweet, salty, and high-fat foods. They’ve been proven more addictive than other foods because they over-stimulate the brain’s reward pathways, making us want to eat more of them. Tip: When you have a craving, distract yourself for 15 minutes; by that time, the urge is likely to have passed. Step 3: Learn calorie counts Know the calorie count of whatever you’re eating. Studies show that people routinely underestimate caloric values, especially when it comes to low-fat foods. Step 4: Practice portion control Practice portion control. The more food you have on your plate, the more you tend
Video Rating: 4 / 5

51 Comments For This Post

  1. PIlotrcm Says:

    sticking your finger down your throat after each meal helps too.

  2. Zombbie666 Says:

    I need 2 loose bout 20 pounds I eat junk food cuz momy can’t kook

  3. fadbz99 Says:

    have sex youll lose like 300 pounds

  4. flagnarg1 Says:

    @LadyKairi3234 RELLY I BREAKDANCE

  5. rukukitsune Says:

    At the top it says “dont be sad Keanu” is that your name? If it is thats my sister’s name is “Kyeanu” :D said the same

  6. rukukitsune Says:

    Two words “Haunkin’ Oatmeal” lol

  7. HornoDeGrasa Says:

    nice channel for a easy weight loss method in spanish see my channel

  8. LadyKairi3234 Says:

    I know someone who lost over 50 pounds by break dancing…

  9. DesgWamrt Says:

    Best Russian women dating site

  10. foroeste1 Says:

    jump rope can replace the ddr ?

  11. SegwayRulz Says:

    this guy looks like a douche

  12. vanilladrops100 Says:

    w8t wat happens if i dun drink soda at all): so it doesn’t apply to me

  13. hi98uin14 Says:

    ddr realy

  14. lordplaya8 Says:

    i weigh 154 pounds and i skateboard i drink some diet soda im not lying but is it u lose wieght faster by only eating 2 and a half times a day thats breakfast and lunch if some one could reply and tell me how i can get down to 115 id really appreciate it (i dont want to be to heavy on my board the lighter u r the higher u go on it and it wont break) ty

  15. SkippedProductions Says:

    you-can-lose-weight.weebly . com

  16. Catskinner77 Says:


  17. CHUBSN0M0RE Says:

    :) my mom just bought oats so ill try it with sweet n low bc i hate oat meal by its self!!
    i recently also broke out my old ddr. ive lost 20 w/o ddr but ive been struggling to lose more so i hope a hour or ddr everyday helps :) THANKS

  18. VampirexxMistress Says:

    hey here is a good way to get in shape and stay in shape i tried it and it works

    dante4673.eliteweightlo­sspackage. com

  19. iFleebag Says:

    @TheMoogle3 Whatever you do to supersmellyskunk you do to me! I concur with what he has said up to this point! Now go eat a grenade

  20. TheEmt123 Says:

    I think your sooo right with the fast food. i stopped eating it about 4 months ago and ive lost about 20 pounds! i havent had ANY fast food now! and i feel great!

  21. facelessfatloss Says:

    Kim: I disagree with some of his concepts, and would never pass them on to my clients (diet soda a big no-no), but he is inspiring and kudos to him for getting so much attention to this video.

  22. bev1325 Says:

    email me if you want to lose weight before xmas yes that only 2weeks away. ps. under $10.00

  23. stormy49431 Says:

    Youre fucking sexy.. :D

  24. stormy49431 Says:

    Youre fucking sexy..

  25. DeeannLynn Says:

    WIN (x
    I don’t care if you used to be overweight or not but that was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard about weight loss.

  26. cawolves Says:

    It’s been very hard for me to lose weight and keep it off. It has been a battle for MANY years for me. By chance I happened across some AWESOME starter kits and some coaching too! Check it out if you want to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF! Copy the link in the address line–>

  27. DesgWamrt Says:

    Best Russian women dating site

  28. bluehood89 Says:

    @lanuitdeRachel ikr lol

  29. jilldeleted Says:

    This video made me hungry.

  30. Supertoadrich Says:

    @MYChemicalLyrics ha

  31. Tsotsomanum Says:

    i cut my hair!

  32. facelessfatloss Says:

    Kim: I would have my clients separate specific *kinds* of foods first. :)

  33. iFleebag Says:

    @JokinJoe Hit up your local chocolate factory for answers! lol :D

  34. 11satan12 Says:

    @JokinJoe Just Watch Rock I,Rocky II, Rocky III, and, Rocky IV

  35. lanuitdeRachel Says:

    she runs like a retard

  36. JokinJoe Says:

    i need to lose weight. im soooooo fat. :( i already lost like 60 pounds but i still need to lose like 25 more. ive stayed the same weight since july but i cant find motivation to start up again.

  37. Loosing70PoundsOfFat Says:

    Sitting at the computer watching Howcast videos probably isn’t helping weight loss…

  38. evildeadhooker Says:

    @Dolphingerman That’s no were near fat….

  39. philsnk Says:

    Such a sexy cute girl. I love the way you run.

  40. MAjYQSammi Says:

    Her running form is so funny.

  41. LilyAnacfvs Says:

    Online Russian women dating site here

  42. FreeOnlineWorkouts Says:

    This is very inspiring, thanks for posting.
    I recently lost a lot of weight using the “belly blast” program..

    Have you heard of it?


    It seems to be working for me so far. Just like to get your thoughts..

  43. XIICNATION Says:

    @Dolphingerman wait till ur in middle school thats pretty much average

  44. CottenSheets Says:

    yay now im sure to get an A+

  45. mind2body4health Says:

    don’t just accept your figure if your not happy make changes without making it to extreme or painful. I’m in process setting up a web site about weight loss please visit it and just take the time out to understand the basics to losing weight


  46. stopmemotion Says:

    Damn wish I was part of that 3% I’m so lazy

  47. lolbetchplease Says:

    @MYChemicalLyrics Fatty.(=

  48. simians12 Says:

    damn, those food are so tasty ..
    I want them T_T
    but i need to follow my diet plan

  49. rockmumof4 Says:

    @Dolphingerman hello, i cant believe this question, u r so much like my son!!!
    hes 11 and in grade 5 too, hes 5 foot 4 and weighs 63kg [hes not even fat, yeah hes heavy but tall so he looks fine], u are definately not that fat, at your age you are growing taller at a fast rate so your weight isnt a problem
    Biking will help you keep fit and burn excess calories, good luck :)

  50. rockmumof4 Says:

    im that guy that keeps eating!!!, lol

  51. HCG Says:

    Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.

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